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About Us.

Can you believe it's been over 40 years that Curtis and Lori have been in the Real Estate game? Bailey recently got his license and is a hit with the next generation of new buyers.

Buying & Selling


  • Make arrangements with moving or truck rental company.

  • Make travel arrangements.

  • Notify financial (including credit card), insurance, legal and medical service providers. Keep these records safe and accessible.

  • Notify cable, electric, gas, phone, water and other utility providers. Discontinue service at old address and sign up at new location.

  • Notify U. S. Post Office of move.


  • Confirm that the Post Office, insurance and other service providers have received address change.

  • Scout new neighborhood for emergency services (hospitals and police and fire stations) libraries, parks, schools and shopping areas.

  • Register with schools and voting district.

  • Notify Department of Motor Vehicles and other licensing agencies of new address. 

  • Establish contact with new family doctor(s) and veterinarian.

  • Moving is STRESSFUL! Monitor the adjustment of family members, especially children and pets.

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